Whether you have a standalone system or a high-rise full of integrated, networked equipment, power metering, or sub-metering...
we’ll ascertain the controls you need and get them installed on time.

Our Process

  • Our engineers create project plans that fit your specifications and budget
  • Our technicians implement the plan with precision and care
  • Every control we install gets internally verified before commissioning

We use technology that lets us give you systems that are:




intelli-building can automate a basic standalone system with a single digital display or provide a turnkey fully networked and integrated system, connecting all mechanical equipment, power metering systems and sub-metering systems.

Communication is the foundation that allows us to deliver jobs on time and to satisfaction.

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Control Panel Construction


intelli-building provides a wide range of building automation solutions for new construction. We have an experienced engineering team that plans jobs with respect for your budget and specifications.

Our project managers and highly trained technicians then implement the projects. The result: reliable systems that harness the latest technology and graphical interfaces to keep the building’s systems running efficiently for years to come.

We’re Experts At:

  • Air handlers and built-up systems
  • Boiler and chiller plant
  • Condenser water systems
  • Variable speed pumping systems
  • VAV & VVT boxes of any configuration
  • Data center integration
  • Generator integration
  • Parking garage CO control
  • Domestic water variable speed pumping
  • Positive/negative room pressure control
  • Lighting control systems
  • Metering

Types of Buildings We Serve:

Health Care
High Rise Residential
Large 75 horsepower pumps for moving chilled water.


Retrofits require engineers and technicians with a unique skill set. Whenever we're working on an existing building, we're mindful of how new and old systems interact.
But the good news is, we're able to provide huge upgrades in systems function with new controls, whether that's VFDs, new automation, or simply optimizing the control structures already in place.

Laptop displaying code on the screen.

Control Sequences

Control sequences are the code that actually controls your equipment. Without a good strategy behind your control systems, you won’t be running at peak efficiency. With intelli-building, we set up state of the art sequences that give you:

• Reliable, comfortably regulated environments
• Fail-safes that prevent equipment damage in case of system failure

Building Management System Integration


No matter your existing system, we're willing to come in and evaluate just how to provide the right integration.
We're experts on:
• BACnet
• LonWorks®
• N2 Open Protocol
• Modbus
• Non-standard devices for custom projects


Preventative Service and Maintenance

Keep your Systems Running Smoothly with Preventative Maintenance

Nothing's worse than experiencing an outage or issue that that could have been prevented. Complex controls benefit from routine maintenance. If you're not sure what shape your systems are in, or you just want a tune up, give us a call. Routine testing and backup protocols can diagnose hidden problems, and save a lot of time and money in the long run.

Equipment Verification

Equipment Verification

Working with vendors across a construction or retrofit project can result in miscommunication, and systems that don't always speak to each other like they should. If you have equipment that needs verification, give us a call.

Up Your Building's Efficiency with Automation Maintenance

Building automation is a dream... when it works correctly. Keep your systems humming on all cylinders with our automation maintenance services.

Consulting and

We’re familiar with a wide array of protocols and products. Just because we may not have installed your system, doesn’t mean we can’t help you troubleshoot it. We’re always happy to consult.

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