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Featured Projects

By Daniel Schwen - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

401 N Michigan

We did an extensive retrofit to add full DDC controls to the 35-story building’s HVAC system. The LEED Platinum certified building required 17 air handling units, integration of induction valves, integration of 3 steam boilers, smoke/purge system sequencing throughout the entire building, garage ventilation, and lighting controls.

Rush Oak Brook Medical Center

Rush Oak Brook

New construction for a state of the art sports performance and surgery center. The project spanned control systems from the rooftop to the garage, including CO2 sensors. We monitored and controlled pressure in the operating rooms using supply and return air VAV units. We also verified specified operation of control systems as part of commissioning.

Hotel EMC2

Hospitality EMC2 Autograph Hotel

New construction project included control of 3 makeup air units, 6 exhaust fans, 5 supply fans for custom smoke exhaust control sequence, CO2 monitoring in restaurant space, emergency generator integration, and ventilation control, plus a custom fire/smoke control system panel.